Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 20 - Me

I am so glad that you are willing to keep our transaction a secret until we unveil the new foundation. This makes me feel much better about our future together. I think you are exactly correct that the devil (whom I have purposefully not capitalized out of spite) is very close to this transaction. He is one crafty adversary! We just have to remember what you already said, "if [we] can believe, [we] will achieve!" This is so encouraging because it reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial when Johnnie Cochran said, "if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit!" What a powerful mantra to keep us on course.

I am little worried that you did not answer my question about how much of the money we should keep. I imagine this means that we are being too greedy. I am sorry if I have overstepped my bounds on the transaction. I actually had a pretty good idea today about how to deal with our compensation.

I was in Wal-Mart and I saw that they have an H&R Block in the front. These are some of America's best tax professionals, so I thought I would ask the agent about how he would handle such a transaction. This man had a mullet and smelled of Doritos and Old Spice, but I trust his advice. I think we should invest the entire amount into the foundation, but let me draw a small (minuscule, really) salary for my leadership. I think this will keep our tax liability very low, yet still allow our family to thrive in this tough economy.

It will take a little bit of money to start the foundation and I am pretty tight on cash, thanks to my two smotherless babies. Could you send me a little of the money upfront so I could get the paperwork started? It would only be $250 and can be transferred directly to my paypal account. Once I have the foundation in place, my account will be ready to receive the $2.5 million with ZERO taxes.

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