Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011 - Me

So good to hear from you!

I am so glad it's OK to use a portion of the money for my family with two smotherless babies. I am awed by your generosity with the $2.5 million. Before we talk about specifics, I want to address something from your last email.

I think I've deciphered the code interwoven in your previous email, and I hope that the answer will solidify my abilities in your mind. The answer came to me during our church softball game tonight while we were playing Calvary (I was 3 for 4, but we lost): you purposefully didn't mention Jesus' words until the end of the paragraph, which makes me think, 'well, what did Jesus say? The last shall be first!' So, by putting Jesus last in the paragraph, you're really saying that he should be read first in the paragraph, followed by the reference "Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the Lord." (Jeremiah) So what you're saying is Jesus is first AND Lord. Now that I see the code, it's beautiful in its simplicity. Since we have only met over email, you don't know 1) that I'm really a Christian, and 2) whether I possess the general aptitude to handle $2.5 million. In one test you have figured both out and I hope that I have passed with flying colors. I'm astonished at your brilliance at conducting such a difficult exam.

I must confess one thing: while I was playing against Calvary tonight, their pitcher looked at me funny. I am worried that he knows of our transaction. We must keep this solely between us. People act differently when large amounts of money are around... I can't give this money to just anyone. It is reserved for the widows of smotherless babies.

This leads me to one final question before we start the transaction: How much should we keep for ourselves and how much should go toward the foundation? In the beginning, I thought if we kept 10% we could survive. But once I ran the numbers, I realized that unless we cut our lifestyle (back to 87 octane, shopping at Aldi, and vacationing in the US) we are going to need a little more. Do you think it would be wrong for us to use half of the $2.5 million toward the foundation and half for our family?

Anxiously awaiting your reply.

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