Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Change of Course

I wanted to fill you in on something that been going on in my mind about Smotherless Babies (that is still a crazy thing to say in a sentence) and the future of my little blog.

I started to respond to Mrs. Faith John, but I could not do it. I have been thinking more and more about the effect my responses may have on the spammer. By playing into his thinking, I worry that I am perpetuating a faulty view they have of Christianity. I know that the teaching of the prosperity gospel is ubiquitous throughout Nigeria (I am ethnically profiling that the scammer has to be from Nigeria because it is the only country with individuals dastardly enough to do something like this), and greed is a component of the pseudo-Christianity they have been taught. Therefore, when I display greed (even though it is filled with sarcasm, hyperbole and tons of laughs), I defame the name of true Christianity and ultimately the God we serve. For this reason I have decided not to respond to those who claim to be giving money to a fellow Christian (even though it's in my wheel house). It is very unlikely that the person who is sending the email would respond to the gospel over email, and I don't anticipate trying to convince him, but what I want to avoid is being a fuel in the fire that the Devil has set (though it is rife for purifying comic gold).

Does this mean that the blog will stop? Oh. no. I'm not saying that I am giving up on making fun of people in ways that are culturally and linguistically ambiguous to them. Au contraire, mon frere (that's pronounced "Oh, contrayer, moo frayer"). I got an email today from someone who wants to give me 62 million pounds because I am the next of kin to Sir John Paul Getty II. My mind is already racing with ideas. Stay tuned for that one...